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    Catholic of seven greatly original offense"given to sexual pleasure.Greed.Be greedy for the food.Irascibility.Lazy.Envy.Proud"how many did I make again??

    These criminal actses seem we all will make, seeing this film through to make my emotional stirrings very deep

    In the plot criminal his makesing the case once each time will leave the clues to let police to look for, every time makes the case skills all very terrible, just start me doing not understand why, just understand afterwards originally the criminal is the persons who let to make these offenses all need is shown off to punish.

    This film function that reminds the person not these criminal actses of chief culprit, be like me to see in the slice that because explode the food and the person who die, I whenever want to eat a little bit more time, appearance willing think of so.This film in speak of of criminal acts, seem all is I often make of criminal acts, O.K. that is the occurrence in at present living.Otherwise I want to be subjected to of show off to punish and can have another.

    This film is true of good-looking, much movie result all very special, be like slacken in work that loses to go to and does not go at the thin person, having the way to clap unexpectedly so, let me to admire.I think I will recommend this good-looking movie to my ll friends

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    挖靠,有點給他艱深!! @@"

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