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get off 是什麼意思,要如何應用呢?

get off 是什麼意思,要如何應用呢?

get off 是什麼意思,要如何應用呢?

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    get off

    1.動身出發(=head out 也有出發的意思)

    ex:I'd better be getting off now.我現在該動身了

    We have to getoff early tommorrow.我們明天必須ㄧ早出發

    2.寄出(=get sth. off)

    ex I'd like to get this letter off by the first post.我想趕上第一班收信時間把這封信寄出去

    3.(使)逃脫懲罰(=get sbdy. off (sthg.)

    ex: The man went to prison but the two boys got off(with a warning) . 那個男人被關進監獄, 但那兩個男孩(只受警告)沒受處罰

    4.(使)入睡(=get sbdy.off)

    ex: I'll come downdstairs as soon as I've got the baby off(to sleep) .我哄嬰兒入睡後就下樓.


    ex: I get off at 6 o'clock.我六點下班.

    I got off early.我今天早下班.

    6.tell someone where they (can) get off/ where to get off.(非正式 教訓某人.斥責某人)

    ex:They tried to stop me going in, but I soon told them where they could get off-I've been a member of that club for years,you know


    7.get off on sthg.(俚)因...感到興奮.欣賞.喜歡

    ex :I really get off on that music 我很喜歡那音樂.

    8.get off with sbdy.(非正式) 與...發生性關係.與(異性)交好

    ex: she got off with him soon afher the party started.


    8.get off to sthg.ㄧ開始就(造成某種印象); 有...開端

    ex: His performance got off to a bad start when he couldn't remenber his first words.

    表演從一開始就不順利當他忘了第ㄧ句台詞 的時候.

    ps. sbdy=somebody, sthg= something


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    Go off

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    get off


      ph. (片語 phrase)1. 動身They got off immediately after lunch.他們吃過午飯馬上就動身了。2. 免於受罰The boy got off.這孩子沒有受罰。