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Write an eulogy........

Please write an eulogy for the death of Cyrano de Bergerac~~

It has to be about 2-3 minutes~~

Or at least give me a start for the eulogy.......


please write in English...........

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  • 1 0 年前

    if you want write in chinese, i have some examples



    顯考○公○○府君〈或諱O O〉


    慟於O年O月O日(農曆O月O日〉O午O時壽終正(內)寢,距生於O年O月O日,享壽O十有O歲。孤哀子○ 隨侍在側,親視含殮,遵禮成服,停柩在堂。謹擇於O年O月O日(農曆O月O日)星期O O午O時O分假O地舉行家奠禮,O時O分公奠後,隨即發引安葬於O O公墓 叼在


    孤(哀)子 O O O O 泣血稽顙

    媳 婦 O O O O O O 泣血稽顙

    孤(哀)女 O O(適O) O O 泣血稽顙

    女 婿 O O O 拭淚頓首

    孫 O O O O 抆淚稽首

    孫 媳 O O O 泣淚 拜

    外 孫 O O O O O 泣淚 拜

    外 孫 女 O O O(適O) 揮淚 拜

    曾 孫 O O O 揮淚 拜

    護喪夫(妻) O O O 頓首(稽顙)

    胞兄弟(妯娌) 姊妹(姊夫妹婿) 男頓首女殮衽

    姻親代表 鞠躬


    先室O O O女士慟於中O O年O月O O O日上午O時壽終內寢,距生於O O年農曆O月O O日,享壽O O O歲。O O率男O O女O O隨侍在側,即日移靈O O O O殯儀館,遵禮成服。謹擇於O O年O月O日(星期O)上午O時假該館O O廳舉行家奠禮,O時O分公奠,O時O分大殮,隨即發引O O山公墓安葬。 叨在

    鄉 夫 O O O

    世 孝男 O O O O O

    學 孝媳 O O O

    友 誼哀此訃 孝女 O O(適O) 泣

    姻 孝孫 O O

    親 孝孫媳 O O O

    戚 孝孫女 O O O O(適O)

    聞 孝 婿 O O O

    外孫女 O O O O(適O)

    孫 婿 O O O

    外孫婿 O O O 啟

    外曾孫 O O O O O O

    外曾孫女 O O O

    喪居: O O O O O O O O

    聯絡處: O O O O O O O O


    先慈O O O太夫人,慟於O O年O月O日上午O時在O O在O O往生蓮邦,享壽O O歲,不孝男O O、不孝媳O O、不孝女隨侍在側。


    孤哀子O O 孝媳O O

    孝 媳O O 孝女O O


    顯考O 公O O或諱OO府君,慟於O O年O月O日下午O時在O O在O O(農曆○月○日)往生蓮邦,享壽O O歲,不孝男O O、不孝女隨侍在側。


    孤哀子O O 孝媳O O

    孝 媳O O 孝女O O













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  • 1 0 年前

    if u're abroad, try look into the local newspapers...

    they usually have a small area for eulogies....

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  • Chaos
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    1 0 年前

    Writing a eulogy is a difficult task. It is hard to condense a lifetime of experiences into a short speech to be delivered at a memorial service. Eulogies don’t have to be depressing and formal. A eulogy can include favorite poems, meaningful reminiscences, war stories, or even jokes. Here are some quick tips on how to put together a thoughtful eulogy.

    下面是一個戲劇中的一段話 也許有用吧

    Mais que diable allait-il faire,

    Mais que diable allait-il faire dans cette galere?. . .

    Philosopher, metaphysician,

    Rhymer, brawler, and musician,

    Famed for his lunar expedition,

    And the unnumbered duels he fought,--

    And lover also,--by interposition!--

    Here lies Hercule Savinien

    De Cyrano de Bergerac,

    Who was everything, yet was naught.

    I cry you pardon, but I may not stay;

    See, the moon-ray that comes to call me hence!

    (He has fallen back in his chair; the sobs of Roxane recall him to reality; he looks long at her, and, touching her veil):

    I would not bid you mourn less faithfully

    That good, brave Christian: I would only ask

    That when my body shall be cold in clay

    You wear those sable mourning weeds for two,

    And mourn awhile for me, in mourning him.

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  • Lv 4
    1 0 年前

    that is one of the greatest movies ever made. i love it!

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