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1.Well, no. But you might just scrape by with a C.

2.The world is a shithole, pardon my French an' shit.

3.Do I strike you as someone falsely nice?

4.No.Tempting, but no. Call it generosity between two strangers.

5.I thanked him and there were some very specific orifices in which I was told to shove my thanks.

6.He told me,''just pay it forward.''Three big favors for three other people.That' it.

7:So it's like a pass-it-on thing,then. Wait a minute. You and this lowlife are in this chain of do-gooders,some kind of Mother Theresa conga line? That's a little New-Agey for you ,isn't it?Sort of Tibetan?What, are you in a cult?

8:If you mention my name ,you'll be selling your kidneys to pay for your lawsuit.Cult.

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    1. 或許沒有。但是你可能只是關懷所作跟一 C 一起

    2. 世界是 **** * 洞,原諒我的法文 ' *****。

    3. 讓你感覺我是假好嗎﹖

    4. 很吸引,但是沒有。稱其為在兩個陌生人之間的慷慨。

    5. 我感謝他和有在其我被告訴推的一些非常專門的口。

    6. 告訴我,「只是前付給它。」用於三其他的 人的三大的恩惠。

    7:因此它是相像的一件通過它的事情,然後。等一會。你和這個下層的人在不切實際的社會改革論者的這串鏈條裡,某種 MotherTheresa 康加舞線?那為你是一點新-Agey 的,不是嗎?種類的西藏人?你在一次膜拜是甚麼?

    8. 如果你提及我的名字,你會為了你的訴訟把你的腎在賣給工資。膜拜

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