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就服務營收區域分佈來看,根據研究機構 OVUM 的調查,2004年VoIP服務市場總營收約達10億5千4百萬美元。目前是以亞太地區(含中國大陸)所佔營收比例最高,約達5億5千萬美元,佔全球52%,其中以日本所佔比例最高,達4億5千8百萬美元,佔亞太地區的82.2%,全球的43.45%。而北美地區居次,32%;歐洲則排名第三,2004年VoIP服務營收約1億5千8百萬美元。


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    Serving the camp and accepting the area to distribute to look, according to the investigation of research institution OVUM, VoIP general camp of service market will charge and is nearly up to 1,054 million dollars in 2004. It is that the camp accounted for is highest in proportion of accepting with the Asian-Pacific area (including China's Mainland ) at present, nearly up to 550 million dollars, accounts for 52% in the world, among them it is the highest with Japan's proportion, up to 458 million dollars, accounts for 82.2% of the Asian-Pacific area, 43.45% of the whole world. And North American area occupies time, 32%; Europe rank third, VoIP will serve the camp and charge about 158 million dollars in 2004. Behave to look on VoIP service grows up, , invest by the international big factory of equipment , of various countries try hard to recommend , improvement , pronunciation of quality of service trade person, and the doing in the test amount of the operating cost that enterprise's users retrench , would estimate in 2006 in advance , will begin to have apparent effects, and to 2008, the market camp that there will be about 15,400 million dollars will accept the scale , the annual compound growth rate is up to 95%.

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    Roger, 你是用word的翻譯軟體嘛 ?! 可是我想口語化ㄉ一點ㄝ