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Mancherste 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

請幫我翻譯一下這篇文章 我很急


我的休閒時光總是在早上或下午,假日喜歡一大早起來,我很愛吃早餐 從不睡過頭,早晨吃早餐總是有幸福的感覺,很悠閒的看著送報生送來的報紙,配上一杯奶茶和我最愛的火腿三明治,享受這段清新的時刻,讓我養精蓄銳,可以有一個很好的開始,總覺得早上的陽光特別刺眼,那種感覺很微妙!到了下午時,會找1.2個朋友去露天咖啡廳,喝著咖啡,暫時放鬆一下,暫時忘記忙碌的上,看著來來往往的路人,形形色色的,總是會有幾個像我們一樣的人,在這時忙裡偷閒,不是看著雜誌就是看小說,再這瀰漫濃濃的咖啡香裡,讓獨特的咖啡因,深深吸引著我門,享受這時光 ,享受這一切的感覺,只因為適當的休閒可以發揮你更多的精力!

希望可以幫我翻譯 差不多4分鐘的演講稿 感謝各位 我差不多 10點會上來看 感謝大家

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    Title : my leisure time

    My leisure time always or afternoon morning, holiday likes very early rise, I very love eat breakfast never sleep beyond the limit, morning eat breakfast always have happy feel, very long-drawn-out Xian De look at deliver newspaper raw send newspaper, match on a cup of milked tea and I love ham sandwich most, enjoy this section delicate and pretty time, let me conserve strength and store up energy, can have a very good start, always feel's sunshine dazzling in the morning especially, that kind of feel is very delicate! Go afternoon time, can seek 1.2 friends go to exposed to the weather coffee house, drink coffee, relax one time temporarily, forget busy on temporarily, look at passerby which come and go, various, always can have several like we person, snatch a little leisure from a busy life is at this time, do not look at magazine look novel, this Mi overflow thick coffee incense in again, let unique caffeine, attract I deeply, enjoy this time light, enjoyment this is incisive feel, because proper leisure can exert your some more energy!

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    My Leisure Time

    My lesiure time is always in the morning or in the afternoon. I love getting up early and enjoying my breakfast, which makes me feel good. Taking my time and reading the newspaper plus a cup of milk tea and my favorite ham sandwich make me refreshed and energetic. This is a good beginning of the day. Subtlely I feel that the sun is shining brightly, particularly in the morning. In the afternoon, I will relax by having some coffee with a couple of friends in an open-door cafe. By watching people pass by, we can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. We are not alone, because there are always some people just like us, spending their leisure time reading either magazines or novels. Let the lingering aroma of coffee embrace us. We just relish the moment and the feeling, because the getaway helps us regain more strength!

    參考資料: Myself
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    Topic: My recreation time

    My recreation time is always in the morning or in the afternoon, like standing up early in the morning on vacation, I like having breakfast and never oversleep very much, having happy feelings to have breakfast in the morning, very leisurely newspaper seeing newspaper postman send here, match a cup of tea with milk and ham sandwich which I love most, enjoy this period of fresh moments , let me conserve strength and store up energy , can have a very good beginning , always think that the sunshine in the morning is very dazzling , that kind of feeling is very delicate! While reaching the afternoon , will look for 1.2 friends to go to the open-air coffee shop , is drinking coffee, relax temporarily, forget busy having temporarily, the passerby coming and going at will, varied, will always have several persons like us , will snatch a moment's leisure from a busy schedule at this moment, either reading the magazine or read the novel, this is while filling thick coffee fragrantly again, let unique caffeine , attract I door deeply , enjoy light at this moment, enjoy the feelings of all these, only because proper recreation can give play to your more energy !

    參考資料: ME~!!
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