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請高手翻譯一段英文 感謝 (請別用翻譯軟體)

我之所以想進入貴所,主要就是想學習從電腦資訊的角度來探討生命的本質,所有生命的根本在於DNA密碼,將DNA密碼數據化分析,以及從蛋白質體下手,比較蛋白質序列差異性,這些龐大的數據是需要超級計算機的幫助,有了這些數據資料,配合X-ray晶格繞射,建構正確的分子結構,而再進一步利用電腦模擬想探討的分子結構,並運用於(molecular docking)及有機合成(metathesis)於實務上,再由生物實驗證實其效益,這分別從生物與資訊方面著手,豈不令人興奮

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    the main reason I would like to persue a further study at your esteemed institute is to learn to explore the essence of life by analyzing computer database.


    All life forms are constructed by DNA codes, it requires the technology of sophisticated supercomputers to digitalize and analyze those DNA codes, as well as to compare the differences in protein sequence taken from actual protein.

    有了這些數據資料,配合X-ray晶格繞射,建構正確的分子結構,而再進一步利用電腦模擬想探討的分子結構,並運用於(molecular docking)及有機合成(metathesis)於實務上,再由生物實驗證實其效益,

    The data can then be constructed into accurate molecular structures after it’s scanned from all angles by X-ray晶格. Furthermore, I would like to look deeper into molecular structures by utilizing computer stimulation technology in order to make use of this knowledge in the actual application of molecular docking and metathesis; finally a study by conducting experiments on 生物 (living forms or biology????) is to prove the benefit brought by this particular application.


    I personally find it rather exciting to be able to approach my study by combining the science of biology and computer technology.

    ps.專業知識不足, 如果翻得不正確請見諒

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    I therefore want to enter the expensive institute, mainly is wants to

    study from the computer information angle discusses the life the

    essence, all lives basis lies in the DNA password, the DNA password

    data analysis, as well as 質體 starts from the protein, compared

    with the protein sequence difference, these huge data is needs the

    supercomputer the help, had these data materials, coordinates the

    X-ray crystal lattice 繞射, constructs the construction correct

    molecular structure, but again further the molecular structure which

    wants to discuss using the computer simulation, and using to

    (molecular docking) and the organic synthesis (metathesis) in Yu

    Shihwu, confirms its benefit again by the biological experiment, This

    separately begins from the biology and the information aspect, isn't

    how can it be that rousing

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