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A wonderful trip

A wonerful trip 是一篇英文題目 我不知該如何下筆也沒什麼頭緒,請各方英文較好的朋友們能替我完成這篇作文~ 字數必須超過70個,內容可以自由發揮....文法一定要對。

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    A wonderful trip

    I like to take trip especially a wonderful trip.Although I never take a trip to another country,I want to go to Canada.Because it has a lot of scenic spots that I can to look on.

    For example,Canada has symbolize of maple leaves.Their maple leaves is famvous in the world so I want to go to Canada to see that.And Niagara Falls is the biggest falls in the world.Canada has so many amazing scenic spots.Finally every travel are all wonderful trip.





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    Just before the summer ended, my friends and I decided to drive to Key West for a weekend. It was an amazingly wonderful trip.

    The weather was beautiful - sunny and warm throughout the days. We spent a lot of time laying on the beach and walking around town. The drive did not take too long, the views along the roads were gorgeous.

    The most notable part of the drive was the Seven-Mile Bridge. We felt like we were driving on top of the ocean. The setting sun made everything looked even more beautiful.

    On the second day, we went fishing in the morning on one of the bridges nearby. We didn't catch any big fish, but it was still fun; we all enjoyed fishing very much, despite it being a little hot after a while.

    At night we went out to the clubs. We checked out a number of different bars, which were full of tourists and people like us from out of town. I particularly enjoyed the live music.

    The drive back was smooth, also; we didn't hit much traffic. Again, it was such an wonderful trip.

    參考資料: 在美國讀了十年的書了
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