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    I think that the improved method of the traffic of Taibei can divide into three points . First, because the government should limit the production of the car , will encourage people to take the masses means of transportation, though it will be more convenient that we have a car that goes out now, what the car that makes will change is more and more, but so apt to cause the traffic jam, and will also make the air pollution more and more serious. Second, the government will implement the old machine automobile to retrieve and deal with by force, and the measurement that the wine drives, will not let the traffic accident take place continuously like this. Third, because should expand the road , will forbid people to park arbitrarily , if they park the car by the car road, the ones that will let the road change are very small, and often cause the car to block . At the above three o'clock when if the government can implement completely , I think because the traffic of Taibei can be improved slowly, because in fact main reason should be the driver's attitude, if they adhere to the attitude giving precedence to each other out of courtesy, I want to cause the confusion of the traffic of Taibei! !

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