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SAUL BASS是美國的一位設計大師

SAUL BASS (1920-1996) was not only one of the great graphic designers of the mid-20th century but the undisputed master of film title design thanks to his collaborations with Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger and Martin Scorsese.

When the reels of film for Otto Preminger’s controversial new drugs movie, The Man with the Golden Arm, arrived at US movie theatres in 1955, a note was stuck on the cans - "Projectionists – pull curtain before titles".

Until then, the lists of cast and crew members which passed for movie titles were so dull that projectionists only pulled back the curtains to reveal the screen once they’d finished. But Preminger wanted his audience to see The Man with the Golden Arm’s titles as an integral part of the film.

The movie’s theme was the struggle of its hero - a jazz musician played by Frank Sinatra - to overcome his heroin addiction. Designed by the graphic designer Saul Bass the titles featured an animated black paper-cut-out of a heroin addict’s arm. Knowing that the arm was a powerful image of addiction, Bass had chosen it – rather than Frank Sinatra’s famous face - as the symbol of both the movie’s titles and its promotional poster.

That cut-out arm caused a sensation and Saul Bass reinvented the movie title as an art form. By the end of his life, he had created over 50 title sequences for Preminger, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, John Frankenheimer and Martin Scorsese. Although he later claimed that he found the Man with the Golden Arm sequence "a little disappointing now, because it was so imitated".

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    撒羅低音 (1920-1996) 對和希區考克,玫瑰汕 和馬丁 合作是不但中部-第 20 的偉大圖解設計者之一世紀而且電影名稱設計的確實主人。

    當玫瑰汕 的電影捲軸受到爭論的新電影,有金手臂的男人,在 1955 年到達美國電影劇場, 一個附註罐子上的欺騙- ”放映師-在名稱之前拉帳”.

    直到後來,演員陣容和組員的目錄被看作是電影名稱,如此的遲鈍以致於,一旦他們有完成放映師只向後地拉帳顯示螢幕。 但是 Preminger 想要他的聽眾用如電影的一個整體部份的金手臂的名稱見男人。

    電影的主題是它是英雄競爭-被法蘭克 Sinatra 玩的一位爵士樂的音樂家- 克服 ,他海洛英上癮。 藉著名稱以一張活生生的黑色紙為特色的圖解的設計者,撒羅低音設計-削減-從海洛英耽溺者的手臂。 手臂是一個上癮的有力影像的知道,低音已經選擇它-並非法蘭克 Sinatra 的出名臉-如兩者電影的名稱象徵和它的促銷廣告。

    那隻削減的手臂引起了感覺,而且當一種藝術形成的時候,撒羅低音再創了電影名稱。 在他的生活結束以前,他已經超過 50 名稱序列為 Preminger ,希區考克,史坦利 Kubrick ,約翰 Frankenheimer 和馬丁 Scorsese 創造。 雖然他稍後要求了他用金的手臂序列發現男人”稍微令人失望現在,因為它是如此驕傲”.

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    撒羅低音 (1920-1996) 對和希區考克,玫瑰汕 Preminger 和馬丁 Scorsese 的他合作是不但中部-第 20 的偉大圖解設計者之一世紀而且電影名稱設計謝謝的確實主人。

    當玫瑰汕 Preminger 的電影捲軸受到爭論的新藥電影,有金的手臂的男人,在 1955 年到達美國電影劇場, 一個附註在罐子上被欺騙- ”放映師-在名稱之前拉帳”.


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