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我要將一份中文轉成英文, 但不知文法對錯, 想請高手替我翻譯:







1.頭腦模糊不清, 記憶力減退

2.疲勞感越來越重, 身心疲憊

3.心血管疾病日益加重, 衰竭而亡

4.人體細胞將日益萎縮, 免疫力降低

5.肌膚快速老化, 失去光澤

您是否偶爾覺得胸悶、頭痛、腰酸背痛、失眠, 去醫院檢查又沒毛病, 這些是文明病的徵兆, 主要是因為人體細胞缺氧所致, 時間一久, 不斷威脅健康, 更容易影響心情, 所以現代養生新觀念須適時補充新鮮氧氣, 以活絡體內機能, 增強身體能量

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    Which persons need to add the oxygen?

    1.The demand strengthens the patient of resistibility

    2.Use students of the brain excessiveness

    3.The city person of the living rhythm strain

    4.The elder whom the body function deteriorates increasingly

    Human body inside if anoxia, the instant will cause the following condition of illness

    1.The brains is unclear, memory decrease

    2.The tired feeling is more heavy and more heavy, the mind and body is exhausted

    3.The cardiovascular disease aggravates increasingly, crocking up and dead

    4.The human body cell will atrophy increasingly, the immunity power reduces

    5.The skin is quickly aging, losing the sheen

    Whether you occasionally feels or not the chest is stuffy,the sour backache of the headache,waist,suffer from insomnia, the hospital check has no trouble again, these are the omen of the civilizations disease, mainly is because of the human body cell anoxia with the result that, time a long, threaten the health continuously, influence the mood more easily, so the modern health new ideas must add the fresh oxygen in good time, to limber up function inside the body, strengthen the body energy