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11.snowball fight

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    1.cloudy--It's cloudy today. 今天是陰天

    2.rainy----I hate the rainy days.我討厭下雨天

    3.snowy--The milk is snowy.牛奶是雪白的

    4.stormy--A stormy win is terrible.暴風是可怕的

    5.sunny---Sunny days let me be happy.晴天讓我很快樂

    6.windy---A windy day let me be cool.多風天讓我覺得很涼爽

    7.children-She has three children.她有3個小孩

    8.famil----My family is large.我有一個大家庭

    9.home---I am home on Sundays.我星期天都在家

    10.seaside-I go to the seaside with my friend.我跟我朋友到海邊玩

    11.snowball fight-People play snowball fight in the winter.人們在冬天玩雪球大仗

    第8個是family嗎? 沒有famil這個字唷!

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    1. It's cloudy today.

    2. I don't like rainy days.

    3. It's snowy outside.

    4. It was s stormy night.

    5. My dad likes to go hiking on sunny days.

    6. I like windy days.

    7. Children learn things fast.

    8. There are 3 members in my family.

    9. My home is so sweet.

    10. I like to live by the seaside.

    11. It's fun to have a snowball fight with friends.

    參考資料: myself
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    1. The sky is clowdy, so I took my umbrella.

    2. Rainy day make people feel a little depressed.

    3. My friend came to see me in one snowy night.

    4. They broke up in a stormy night.

    5. The girl's smile is so sunny that everyone likes her.

    6. We need jackets when the weather is windy.

    7. Children need a healthy and safe surrounding.

    8. My best friend treats me as her family.

    9. I should go home before 10 o'clock.

    10. At the seaside, many people enjoy the sun bathing.

    11. Snowball fight is the most interesting thing in winter.

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    1 Today is cloudy.

    2 I don't like rainy day.

    3 It's snowy, you must put on your coat.

    4 You mustn't go out on stormy day.

    5 I can eat ice cream on sunny day.

    6 Put on your jacket. It's windy outside.

    7 When we were children, we were childish and cute.

    8 什麼是famil 應該是family吧!

    There are 4 people in my family.

    9 It's time to go home.

    10 Some people build sand castle at the seaside.

    11 It's snowy outside. Let's go snowball fighting.

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