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非常急 ~ 需要英文高手幫我翻譯 (15點)



謝謝 煩請翻譯 真的很急 明天要繳交的作業! 感謝您的幫忙!

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    Coach group's services in life:

    Life is coached the group and under the jurisdiction of studying the affair place , is responsible for the administrative services of student's campus, including lack vast , asking for leave , behaviour and conduct , and the work , such as student's accommodation , traffic safety ,etc., actively promote misfortune succouring , love fund too, look after unexpected injury and student of the economic weak tendency, combine the military training room through democracy and the rule of law and moral education separately, train student's autonomy spirit, its personality that sound, form the good habits and customs , offer the administration in study supports and extensive one service for student.

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