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1.The Loch Ness Monster, Scottish whisky, the bagpipe, tartan designs, and the ruggedly beautiful scenery of the Scottish Highlands; these are some of the things people around the world most commonly associate with the country of Scotland. Here in Taiwan, probably the best known part of Scottish culture is the "kilt", the traditional costume of the Scottish male. Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with the word "kilt", instead they refer to it as a "dress".2.Sometimes it is extremely important to choose the correct word for describing something. If you were to mention to a Scotsman, for example, that the males in his country were fond of wearing dresses, this would make that Scotsman very angry. The word "kilt" brings to mind the long, hairy, and manly legs of the Scotsman but the word "dress" implies something quite different. It might be assumed that the man who wears a "dress" also wears lipstick, perfume, eye shadow, and so on. 3.The kilt is an item of clothing traditionally worn in battle - and so has decidedly masculine associations. Long ago the kilt was often colored brown to blend in well with the brown of the Scottish hills, and in this way a warrior could hide better. Also, because it is very long, the kilt could be used as a blanket. So soldiers travelling long distances had less to carry. PS.請不要用翻譯軟體

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    尼斯湖怪物,蘇格蘭威士忌酒,風笛 , 蘇格蘭裙設計,和蘇格蘭高地的高低不平美麗風景; 這些是最普遍全球的一些事物人和蘇格蘭的國家聯合。 在台灣,可能蘇格蘭文化的最好已知部份是 " kilt" ,蘇格蘭男性的傳統裝束。 不幸地,大多數的人不對” kilt ”那個字感到熟悉的,改為他們提及它如一件 " 服裝" 。

    有時為描述某事選擇正確的字是非常重要。 如果你是對一個蘇格蘭人提到,舉例來說,男性在他的國家中喜歡穿用服裝,這將會使那一個蘇格蘭人非常生氣。 ” kilt ”那個字想起,蘇格蘭人的長﹐多毛的﹐和像男人腿但是”服裝”那個字暗示相當不同東西。它可能被假定也戴一件 " 服裝 " 的男人戴口紅,灑香水於,注意影像,等等。

    kilt 是傳統地在戰爭中被戴的一個衣服的項目-而且如此有無疑男性的協會。 很久以前 kilt 時常是彩褐色混合在好的由於蘇格蘭小山的褐色,和這樣一個戰士可以藏更多。 同時, 因為它非常長,kilt 可能被當作一條毛毯使用。 因此長距離旅行的軍人有了比較少量攜帶。

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    幫我回答問題吧~這雙New Balance 的鞋子評價

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