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探討社會、經濟因素與自殺之關聯性,而現在人們的生活環境、社會福利與經濟的發展關係,是否也會反映在自殺率上呢? 綜觀國內的自殺研究相當有限,其原因可能與自殺相關的研究設計不易進行,加上自殺是個敏感話題,因此增加研究上的困難。

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    翻到頭和手快打結了.Suicide is a social disease that is a combination of various factors, such as human psychology, family, social life, interaction between people, physical and mental..etc.In recent years, society changes very fast, sucide becomes one of the behaviors that people use when face with all kinds of visible and invisiable stresses.And the media reports to suicide cases are also increase. It is a general believe in the Society that suicide follows by unemployment. And is it really so? In many real case-studies, the jobless rate is higher among the population of sucide. However, this could be the result instead of the reason.Suicide not only make individual, family face ethnic delima, but also make the society, and country suffer certain losses.Based on the statistic of Sanitation dept. of Administration yuan in 2002, suicide is in the 9th place for Top 10 causes of death. There are certain reasons cause people from each age group to committe suicide or have the idea to. The economic science focuses on the objective statistic to analyze the society, economical varieties, changes within suicide rate and the relationship between economical cycles and suicide rate in order to find out the connection among the society, economical factors and suicide. And will nowadays relations among living environment, social welfare, and the economic development also refect on the suicide rate? The studies on suicide is very limited in this country. The reasons maybe because the suicide-ralated research and design are not easy to conduct, plus the notion of suicide is a sensitive subject adds to the difficulty of it.

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