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誰可以幫我解釋下列的Keywords呢(請不要用翻譯軟體 )

1.NK fertilisers

2.NR activity

3.Quality parameters

4.volatile flavour compounds

5.crude fibre content (CFC)

6.water-soluble solids(WSS)

7.flavour indices



Impact of nitrogen and potassium fertiliser application on quality of CTC teas

Tea flush shoots, comprised of three leaves with a bud, were collected from long-term fertiliser trial plots, in four successive plucking rounds after NK manuring, and processed into black tea. The black tea samples were analysed for thearubigins, theaflavins, caffeine, volatile flavour compounds, crude fibre content and water-soluble solids. Results indicated that overall quality of tea was impaired when either nitrogen or potassium was used at high levels. The NK ratio of 1:0.83 appeared to be optimum with respect to quality of made tea as well as for flavour index, particularly when the N dose was 300 (or) 450 kg/ha/year. Amino acid and polyphenol contents of the crop shoots were also higher due to this ratio of NK manuring. A lower polyphenol content was recorded when the plots were supplied with less (or) no nitrogen and potash fertilisers. Positive correlation coefficients were obtained between nitrate reductase (NR) activity of crop shoots and amino acid content.

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  • JEGe
    Lv 5
    1 0 年前

    1.NK fertilisers= nitrogen and potassium fertiliser 指紅茶施放氮(N)與鉀(k)肥

    2.NR activity = 硝酸鹽還原酵素(nitrate reductase)的活性

    3.Quality parameters = 品質參數,指判斷茶葉品質的一些参考標準如 茶黃質(theaflavins)與茶紅質(thearubigins)等

    4.volatile flavour compounds =易揮發的味道化合物,包括醇,醛,酮等易揮發成分

    5.crude fibre content =粗纖維含量,通常在老葉中含量較高品質也較差

    6.water-soluble solids = 水溶性固體如可溶性果膠質,可溶性維生素等。

    7.lavour indices = 味道指標原文的意思是指氮(N)與鉀(k)肥的比例在1:0.83時可以種出品質與香味最佳的紅茶

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