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西洋歷史 中翻英, 謝絕翻譯軟體...

庫克船長(Captain James Cook,1728-1779)曾是西洋史課本中偉大的航海者,是探索南太平洋第一人。從另一個角度來看,他像是南太平洋區域的哥倫布:為西方世界打開了南太平洋的門戶,揭開該區域劇變的扉頁。庫克船長在西元1768到1779年三次南太平洋的探險之旅中,所取得的文物,所留下的「傳統」意象,透過兩百多年來出版以及博物館展示,一直是定義南太平洋區域的權威。



隨行畫家John Webber所描繪的夏威夷,無論是自然景觀、重要歷史事件、夏威夷原住民的習俗、樣貌以及文物,隨著出版品(特別是旅遊書籍)、博物館收藏展示,、博物館展示,一再在世界各地,複製1770年代末期,西方人眼中的夏威夷。甚至在夏威夷,John Webber的畫作仍是傳統夏威夷意象的權威。

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    Captain Cook (Captain James Cook, 1728- 177) Western history great navigator of the textbook once, to explore the South Pacific Ocean to be the first. From a different perspective, he is like Columbus in the area of the South Pacific Ocean: Have opened the door of the South Pacific Ocean for the Western countries, reveal the title page of this regional drastic change. Captain Cook is in the tour of exploration of the South Pacific Ocean three times of A.D. 1768 to 1779, historical relics obtained, ' the tradition ' images left, through publishing for over 200 years and museum show, it has been the authority of defining the area of the South Pacific Ocean all the time. Because Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain,etc. country at sea competition at the rights, Royal Society of Britain proposed exploring the South Pacific Ocean in 1767.  One year, Cook captain because behavior in North America receive assignments to go to the South Pacific Ocean before. In 1776 determined number (Resolution, sees Fig. two) And 'Discovery' ( Discovery) Set out by Plymouth of Britain, launch looking for the third exploration of the passways of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Make a detour in Cape of Good Hope, the Indian Ocean, New Zealand and other places, reached the moustache island of Europe in Hawaiian Islands on January twenty, 1778, landed in Waimea. Hawaii which retinue's painter John Webber describes, no matter natural landscape, important historical incident, custom, one kind of lookses and historical relic of the aboriginal in Hawaii, with the publication ( Especially travel books)  , the museum collects and shows, museum show, in all parts of the world constantly, duplicate 1770 times latter stages, western Hawaii in the human eye. Even in Hawaii, the paintings of John Webber are still authorities of the traditional image of Hawaii.  

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