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誰能幫我中翻英一段句子 很急


事實上 不同國家對個人空間的觀念都不一樣


舉例來說 美國人不管是在交談 排隊的時候

都會和對方保持一定的距離 所以當你和美國人交談時

要注意不要侵犯到他們的個人空間 要保持距離

總之 若是以後你們有機會到各國去旅遊的時候

接觸外國人時 可以試著觀察他們對個人空間的習慣

我們的報告到此結束 謝謝大家

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    In fact (As a matter of fact), different countries have different ideas about personal space. Today we're going to have a brief introduction about the differences between the East and West. For instance (example), Americans tend to keep a certain distance from other people whenever they are talking or standing in line. Therefore, instead of invading their "space", remember to keep a proper distance from your American friends when you chat with them next time. To sum up (In a word), if you travel abroad, you may seize the opportunity to observe how they react to their personal space. That's all for our oral presentation. Thank you for your listening.

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  • 1 0 年前

    In fact the different country is all dissimilar to individual spatial

    idea today we mainly is greatly slightly introduced Eastern and the

    western difference gives an example to say the American no matter is

    lines up in the conversation time can maintain the certain distance

    with opposite party therefore when you and American conversation must

    pay attention must encroach to theirs individual space must maintain

    is away from if later you to have the opportunity in brief the time

    which travels to the various countries contacts when the foreigner may

    try to observe them to be familiar with our report to individual space

    to reach this point the conclusion to thank everybody

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  • 1 0 年前

    In fact the different nation is all different to personal ideas of space

    Today we mainly introduce the eastern and western difference briefly

    Give examples to say the American in spite of is at confabulation line up of time

    Will keep the certain distance with the other party so be you with the hour of confabulation of American

    To notice and don't infringe upon to the one of their space to want to keep the distance

    In fine if later you have chance to the time that all countries go to travel

    Get in touch with the foreigner can try to observe them to personal spatial habit

    We report this be over to thank everyone

    參考資料: 譯言堂
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