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NFL Madden 2006 的進攻防守...



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    the basics are...

    shotgun formation (4 WRs for passing play), QB is far back of the LoS (line of


    T-formation (Pro Set)

    Wishbone Formation (1 WR, 1 TE and 3 RBs)

    I-Formation (usually 2 RBs behind QB and 2 WR, but many many variations, like

    the Goal-line formation)

    are mainly for running plays, where QB stands right behind the LoS for

    quick/short passes to RB or just do the QB draw.

    G-Line Formations is one of the variations of I-Formation. it's objective is to

    gain minimum yardage for converting 4th and inches (or 3rd & Goal)


    it eliminates WRs and replace with TE to form a strong running play.

    Single set back: 1 RB and 4WRs/ TEs, combination varies (normally 2 RBs 2 TEs)

    Penn State’s SSB sometimes consist of 2 or 3 or even of the 4 WRs(Williams,

    Norwood, King and Butler) and one RB (Hunt), with our QB Robinson is a strong

    runner too it can create tremendous power.

    Defensive strategy:

    There are far too many defensive strategies, basically men-on

    and zone. With 4-3 or 3-4 formation


    Special teams:

    Standard kick off

    Onside kick off: used when you are behind by small margin

    and time is running out, a short kick bouncy and hope your opponent cant hold

    on to it.

    You may also fake punt/field goal

    there are MANY MANY plays under these tactics which i do not wish to elaborate,

    you should study carefully before using it

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