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西歐遭暴風雪侵襲 陸空交通嚴重受阻







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    Western Europe is attacked by the snowstorm The empty traffic of land is obstructed seriously

    Today is attacked by the snowstorm in the West European area, cause the sky and iron highway communication of Belgium, Britain, France, Germany and Holland to be obstructed seriously, and thousands of families lose electrical power.

    After three people's freezing to death case happenedding, Britain and France have improved the grade of alarm of the abominable climate, there are a lot of passengers stranded because of snowstorm today in Germany.

    The wind and snow cause 17,000 to lose electrical power in the west of France. In Paris, ended strikinglying, the iron tower has been closed for four hours. A lot of airliners of the Charles de Gaulle Airport are late and cancel, the snow reaches 25 centimeters.

    British meteorological personnel say, the climate of this kind of severe cold is really ' very unusual ' that November appear, but the weather will be clearing up gradually.

    The airport of Amsterdam of Holland had closed for several hours too today, did not return to normal until this afternoon.

    It is influenced that this blizzard connects with Spain, 16 mountain passes have all already been sealed, open mountain road, wheel of the vehicle walk unless wear the chain.

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