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這電影片長 96分鐘,文藝片對巴斯來講,節奏比較慢關係。











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    1 0 年前

    At 8:10 p.m. on Tuesday, taking a seat rate 90% in the theatre, is really good Cheng Ji. I, to the previous set of films entering the cinema and seeing, was a film of the son of China too,

    Tong Meng, because does not like this film very much, so write note, but Meng Tong say once again I love you , I like the latter.

    This 96 minutes of length of a film of film, the literary film, for Bath, slower relation of rhythm.

    Before entering the cinema, what is not understood to solve inferior Sa and China son to become the couple, the film began the first very difficult input of more than ten minutes, was used to it gradually gradually later,

    In addition, inferior role played of Sa has very good personality in the play, I like this role very much, so has received indirectly unconsciously.

    And I oneself feel inferior Sa afford to perform in film this in fact.

    The medium and small ones that has a lot of sons of China unavoidably of film speak on behalf the goods appear , for example often a son of China appears for the form that the wrist-watch shop advertises,

    The wrist-watches of this series of feature that a lot of are big, you will see the young animal of China picked up and had nothing to do with the story too in the film, but the drink that the son of China spoke on behalf is being drunk ..........

    The son of China quilt is popular, these are unavoidable.

    The story midsection is relatively dull, will be too stuffy but not, can also accept ,

    There are quite a few stunt in the film, but technology is not very good, but useful to story, even if the result is not good, all accept.

    The final result is calculated to explain , will have finished, at the time of the end of a performance, I look out for the woman bodyguard present, all see their eyes apparently, the nose is red, they are all discussing the story just now.

    It is a writings lost but not to summarize this film and calculate, I receive, asking me whether I will see it once more, I will answer you to know, but will not buy DVD conduct to collect .

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