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Materials and Methods    Passive Sampler. Because ammonia gas is basic, acid-coated cellulose filters can be used to trap it. A Teflon prefilter is placed above the coated filter to establish a layer of undisturbed air between the filters and to exclude particulate matter. An additional boundary layer at the opening is created by the flow of wind, without which the sampler response to air concentration becomes nonlinear. As a whole, badge-type passive samplers have compared well in performance tests against more sophisticated and demanding devices when these conditions are met. Previous passive sampler designs require that the acid-coated filters be removed from the cassettes after exposure and submerged in water to dissolve the collected ammonia, drawing off the resulting solution for colorimetric determination. This technique proved time-consuming and was resolved by elution of the filter in the cassette itself.

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    被動取樣器。 由於氨氣體是基本的, 酸上漆的纖維素過濾器可能被使用設陷井它。聚四氟乙烯prefilter 被安置在上漆的過濾器之上建立未受干擾的空氣層數在過濾器之間和排除粒狀物質。另外的界限層數在開頭由風流程創造, 對空氣含量的取樣器反應變得非線性。整體上, 徽章類型被動取樣器比較了很好在性能測試反對更加老練和demanding 設備當這些情況符合。早先被動取樣器設計要求, 酸上漆的過濾器從卡式磁帶被去除在曝光和被淹沒在水中溶化被收集的氨, 撤退收效的解答為比色法決心以後。這個技術證明了費時和由過濾器的elution 在卡式磁帶解決了。

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