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Cinderella never had it this bad. In A Cinderella Story - a twisted and hilarious update of the classic fairy tale - high school senior Sam Montgomery (HILARY DUFF) lives at the beck and call of her self-obsessed step-mother Fiona (JENNIFER COOLIDGE) and her sinfully wicked step-sisters, who treat her more like a servant than a member of the family.

With her sights set on attending Princeton, Sam finds her less-than-sparkling social life wonderfully complicated when she meets her prince charming online. But when her anonymous cyber soul mate turns out to be her high school's über-popular quarterback Austin Ames (CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY), Sam makes a mad dash back to reality, leaving her cell phone behind just before the clock strikes midnight.

Fearing rejection if her secret is revealed, Sam dodges Austin's efforts to discover the identity of his princess. Will Sam let fear hold her back, or will she find the courage to be herself and claim the life she's always wanted? Her chance at happily ever after depends on it.

Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Clifford Werber Production, in association with Dylan Sellers Productions: Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story, starring Jennifer Coolidge, Chad Michael Murray and Regina King. Directed by Mark Rosman, A Cinderella Story is written by Leigh Dunlap and produced by Clifford Werber, Ilyssa Goodman, Hunt Lowry and Dylan Sellers. Michael Rachmil, Peter Greene and Keith Giglio are the executive producers and Susan Duff is co-executive producer. The director of photography is Anthony B. Richmond, ASC/BSC; the production designer, Charles Breen; and the editor, Cara Silverman, A.C.E. Music is by Christophe Beck. Soundtrack album on Hollywood Records.

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    灰姑娘從未有它這壞。 在A 灰姑娘故事- 經典童話的一次twisted 和熱鬧的更新- 高三學生Sam ・蒙加馬利(HILARY 未擊中) 居住在小河和電話她的自已佔據心思的繼母Fiona (詹尼弗・柯立芝) 並且她有罪邪惡異父母的姊妹, 比家庭的成員對待她更多像僕人。

    以她的視域設置在參加普林斯頓, Sam 發現她比閃耀社會生活美妙地複雜化了她遇見她王子在網上迷住。但當她的匿名cyber 靈魂夥伴結果是她的高中的 5uber 普遍的四分衛奧斯汀Ames (乍得邁克爾・MURRAY), Sam 做一瘋狂飛奔回到現實, 留下她的手機後邊在時鐘之前觸擊午夜。

    恐懼rejection 如果她的秘密顯露, Sam 推託奧斯汀的努力發現他的公主的身分。 意志Sam 讓恐懼拿著她, 或意志她發現勇氣是她自己和要求她總被要的生活? 她機會在愉快地從此以後取決於它。

    Warner Bros. 。 圖片提出Clifford Werber 生產, 在協會以Dylan 賣主生產: Hilary 未擊中在灰姑娘故事, 擔任主角詹尼弗・柯立芝, 乍得邁克爾・Murray 和Regina 國王。 由Mark Rosman 指揮, 灰姑娘故事由Leigh Dunlap 寫和由Clifford Werber 導致, Ilyssa Goodman 、狩獵Lowry 和Dylan 賣主。 邁克爾・Rachmil, 彼得・Greene 和 Keith Giglio 是執行製片人並且蘇珊未擊中是co 執行委員生產商。 攝影的主任是安東尼B 。 里士滿, ASC/BSC; 生產設計師, 查爾斯・Breen; 並且編輯, Cara Silverman, A 。C 。E 。音樂是由Christophe Beck 。 電影配樂冊頁在好萊塢紀錄。

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