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例如. A fire destroyed the house.



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    destroy  摧毀   完全破壞 蕩然無存damage 損壞   部份破壞harm    傷害   針對人或動物A fire destroyed the house.火災把房子燒毀了。如果替換為A fire damaged the house.火災使房屋受損。程度上有所差異。不能替換為harm,因為只能對動物或人使用。有關destroy之各種用法如下,提供你作參考。de·story   v. de·stroyed, de·stroy·ing, de·stroys 及物動詞用 1. To ruin completely; spoil: The ancient manuscripts were destroyed by fire.2. To tear down or break up; demolish. See Synonyms at ruin.3. To do away with; put an end to: "In crowded populations, poverty destroys the possibility of cleanliness" George Bernard Shaw.4. To kill: destroy a rabid dog.5. To subdue or defeat completely; crush: The rebel forces were destroyed in battle.6. To render useless or ineffective: destroyed the testimony of the prosecution's chief witness.不及物動詞用To be destructive; cause destruction: "Too much money destroys as surely as too little" John Simon.

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    damage, destroy側重動作結果,“毀壞,破壞”, harm側重動作過程,“傷害,損壞”。 damage“毀壞”,指對某物的損害,造成在價值、外觀等方面的損失,較destroy弱。The truck was damaged in the accident. 卡車在事故中損壞了。 destroy“破壞,毀壞”,指對某物進行劇烈破壞達到徹底摧毀的目的,使其不能在被利用或再發生效能。除用於實體東西外,還用於抽象事物,如名譽、計畫等。The flood destroyed thousands upon thousands of houses. 洪水沖毀了成千上萬的房子。His reputation was destroyed by the scandal. 醜聞毀了他的聲譽。 harm“損害,傷害”,多指給人精神上造成痛苦和苦惱等。What you said has harmed her. 你說的話刺傷了她。