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請問一般如果航空公司英文面試,如果說面試華航主考官問~How much do you know about our company?怎樣回答會比較好呢?

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    It depends on what position you are applying.

    Just to be general. I don't think they are expecting you to tell them the history of how the airliner was established

    1. The first and best airliner, including cargo business, in Taiwan

    2. the number of the airplanes (all the accountants who work for the airliners know about that) and how the airliner is financed (for the financial specialist)

    3. the models of the airplanes, and the number of the seats (capacity) on each planes (all the pilots and first officers who work for the airliners know about those)

    4. What the names of the countries and cities they have service to (must know)

    5. What are the services they have provided?

    6. What is the airline alliance that China Airline is with?

    7. What are the reasons China Airline changed the logo, and when?

    8. What is the image you have about China Airline?

    9. How would you be able to improve the services?

    10. What will be your contributions to this company?

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    China Airlines started out in 1959 with two water planes flying logistical support to Laos and special transport missions for the Vietnamese government and the United States military stationed in Vietnam. Then starting with a domestic route from Taipei to Hualien and later an international route to Saigon, now known as Ho Chih Min City, China Airlines has evolved into an international airline servicing 59 destinations in 23 countries. The China Airlines fleet comprises of a total of over 60 aircraft from world reknown manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus. Apart from being a passenger airline, China Airline also boasts one of the largest 747-400F cargo fleets and has considerable investments in a wide variety of commercial establishments.

    參考資料: 參考華航官網上的公司簡介