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中翻英 - bloke

Are most of your friends blokes ?  這是什麼意思?

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    英式英語裡男人的非正式稱呼 – bloke (bloke is another informal word meaning man)在英式英語裡bloke = guy 男人但在美式英語裡"最接近"bloke的單字是guy但和英國人用法不太相同. 美式英語bloke不可用在朋友之間...是非常奇怪的!!The closest American equivalent is guy, and it is pretty close. A bloke is a joe public, a random punter - any old guy off the street. Where it differs from guy is that it can't apply to your friends. You can't walk up to a group of your mates and say "Hi blokes, what's up?", as they'd all peer at you as if you'd been reading some strange cross-channel dictionary. The most common usage of the word bloke is almost definitely in the phrase "some bloke in the pub".

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    bloke 在俚語是小子. 怪人. (通常指怪怪男)

    所以是說---- 你大部份的朋友都是怪胎嗎?