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Emma 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


例如 甲送乙一把雨傘當禮物 然後要把以下四個問題都寫在文章內

題目是 1.What are they doing??

2.Can we do this in Taiwan ?? Why or why not??

3.Is there any reason that we can or cannot do this? How do you think of the reason?

4.Is this also prohibited in other countries?

在附帶的問 如果是跟人分著吃梨子 怎麼寫咧??


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    When A give B an umbrella as a gift, it is not proper to do so in Taiwan. The reason is that the pronounciation of umbrella in Chinese is "san傘" which is the same pronounciation of the word"san散"and"san散" means "to seperate" which is bad luck and may bring the two friends seperate in the future. This kind of behavior is not prohibited in other countries because the reason is that in Chinese,they share the same pronounciation, other countries language have nothing in common.如果是跟人分著吃梨子 怎麼寫咧??He share the pear with his friend.You can not share the pear with your friends, since when you share, you have to split, and this may lead to you split with your friend.  the reason is that in Chinese,the word share is "fen分" that is the same word can alsomeans "seperate". 

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    甲→Tom 乙→Me

    Yesterday was my birthday. Tom who is my foreign boyfriend gave me an umbrella as a president. When my parents have just heard about that, they felt really mad at him.

    They told Tom that in Taiwan, umbrella's pronounced as similar as "break-up" in Taiwan language. Therefore Taiwanese usually consider an umbrella as a taboo when giving someone a present.

    On the one hand, as a new generation of Taiwanese who got higher education, I was supposed to despise that superstition. But on the other hand, it seemed awkward that I really don't know what to do because of my cultural background stuck with me so strongly.

    After being lost in thought for a while, I took time to reflect on the source of what upset me. I knew between science and the taboo, it must have different way of thinking----culture.

    What is culture? In short, culture is the shared values, beliefs, views, traditions, norms, customs, arts, folklore, history and institutions of a group of people. For this reason, we didn't need to think of the taboo as superstition. On the contrary, the cultural shock for my boyfriend was exactly the starting point of respecting different cultural custom. When I comforted him by telling what I thought about just now, he seemed to feel much better than yesterday.

    Finally, he asked me which countries also view an umbrella as a taboo when giving a present. I told him,” As far as I know, Taiwan is supposed to be the only place that has such a taboo because of the similar pronunciation of the two words.”After answering his question, I wondered why he asked like that. To my surprise, he dared to tell me that in case of breaking up with me at least he wouldn't make the same mistake again. And then I kicked his butt so high for saying this.

    ※ Daddy and I share the pear= I share the pear with dady. 我與父親分著梨子吃

    參考資料: 自己
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