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這些相關英文句的中文意思 不要翻譯機的 急20點

new treatments, new medicines, and new techniquesfor understanding illness are constantly being developed.

no single mind can be aware of all the changes (taht are taking place)

store enormous amounts of information about medical care

stroe the latest medical research as easily as it stroes facts about each patient

help a doctor choose the best treatments (which is stored in its memory)

show a doctor the various treatments are likely to work for the type op patient who the doctor is examining the patient and also what side effects the treatment may have.

suggest step by step processes for treating certain illnesses.

can't diagnose an illness that has not been programmed into its memory

take only people with a certain kine of heart trouble.

sort facts on how those patients improved after different kinds of treatment.

divide all patients' information into 100 groups

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    了解病的新治療,新藥和新techniquesfor正經常被發展。 沒有一心一意可能知道全部變化 (taht正進行) 商店巨大數量的關於醫療護理的訊息 stroe 最新的醫學研究和它一樣容易stroes有關每位病患的事實 幫助一位醫生選擇最好的治療 (被儲存用它的記憶) 噓 喔唷各種各樣處理方法很可能適合醫生檢查病患以及處理可能有誰的類型運算放大器病患工作的一醫生。 建議治療某些病的逐步逼近求解過程。 不能診斷沒被編程輸入它的記憶的一種病 用心臟病的某種母牛只帶人。 關於那些病患怎樣在不同種類的治療之后改進的種事實。 把病患的全部訊息分成100 組

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