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當他們知道我們要教"What is your name?"和"My name is ___."時,他們都說太簡單了!我們也因為他們的反應而亂了陣腳,當時我們也沒想到,其實我們可以嘗試延伸教學,例如︰


Many said it was too easy, when they learned that we are going to teach them "What is your name?" and "My name is ___."

Also, their response taken our fleet into action in a confused manner. We didn't call to mind to extend teaching, such as

Next we must prepare more teaching materials for contingent use.

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    When they realized we were going to teach them about "What is your name?" and "My name is ___" , they all complained that's so easy. We all felt nervers when we saw their reaction. But something we did not think about, in fact, maybe we could try another extend, for example, ___________________.

    Yet tehe next time, we must prepare more material for emergency sitsuation.