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Arts & Museums

Houston is one of the few U.S. cities with resident companies in theater, ballet, symphony and opera, with exciting performances all season long. Houstonians receive an extra artistic bonus since two or more of the entities often perform together, resulting in an even more phenomenal production.

Houston boasts proudly of its award-winning and internationally acclaimed performing arts groups and invites newcomers as well as all area residents to enjoy the excitement of a symphony, the grace of a ballet, the passion of an opera and the emotion of a dramatic performance.

Located downtown, the 17-block Theater District

is home to eight performing arts organizations and more than 12,000 seats. Only New York City has more seats concentrated in one geographic area. Throughout Houston, a growing number of venues make performances easily accessible.

Houston also shows its devotion to the arts through a full complement of art museums and critically acclaimed galleries. Almost midway between Reliant Stadium and downtown, Houston's Museum District offers a range of museums, galleries, and art and cultural institutions, including the City's major museums. Approximately 4 million people visit institutions in the Museum District every year. Spend a day in the Museum District and be inspired.

See Theatre District and selected Museum District events at

THEATRE DISTRICT LOCATION: Downtown, north / northwest area, within red boundary lines and Buffalo Bayou

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    它的獲獎並且國際上擁護的作秀藝術,休斯敦自豪自誇組並且邀請新來的人以及全部地區居民享有一曲交響樂的興奮, 一場芭蕾舞的恩惠,一場歌劇的激情和一次戲劇作秀的情感。


    有8 個作秀藝術組織和超過12,000個位子。 只有紐約市讓人在一個地理地區集中更多的位子。 在整個休斯敦,成長的舉行場所的數量使作秀容易可達到。

    休斯敦也透過一種藝術博物館的充分的補足表現它對藝術的熱愛和嚴重地歡呼畫廊。 在信賴的體育場和商業區之間幾乎中途, 休斯敦的博物館地區提供多種博物館,畫廊和藝術和文化機構,包括城市的主要的博物館。 大約400萬人每年在博物館地區訪問機構。 在博物館地區度過一天並且被鼓舞。


    劇院地區位置︰ 商業區,北方/ 西北地區,在紅分界線和布法羅牛軛湖內


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