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    1. The Dog and the PhysicianA Dog that had seen a Physician attending the burial of a wealthy patient, said: "When do you expect to dig it up?" "Why should I dig it up?" the Physician asked. "When I bury a bone," said the Dog, "it is with an intention to uncover it later and pick it." "The bones that I bury," said the Physician, "are those that I can no longer pick." 2. An Unspeakable ImbecileA Judge said to a Convicted Assassin: "Prisoner at the bar, have you anything to say why the death- sentence should not be passed upon you?" "Will what I say make any difference?" asked the Convicted Assassin. "I do not see how it can," the Judge answered, reflectively. "No, it will not." "Then," said the doomed one, "I should just like to remark that you are the most unspeakable old imbecile in seven States and the District of Columbia."

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