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string 與 thread 有何不同? 還是都一

string  與  thread   有何不同? 還是都一樣呢?還是有粗細的差別?知道的大大教教我吧

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  • Linda
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    They are different. For raw material, single cord is just a string.


    noun (plural strings)


    1. thin cord: a thin cord or twine, usually made of twisted fibers, used for fastening, hanging, or tying

    2. something like string: something that resembles string in form or texture

    3. succession of items: a series of similar or connected acts, events, or things

    4. line of things: a series of things forming or arranged in a line, usually one behind the other

    5. group of associated things: a group of similar things belonging to, managed by, or connected with a single person or a set of people


    noun (plural threads)


    1. fine twisted cord: fine cord made of two or more twisted fibers. Use: sewing, weaving.

    2. piece of thread: a length of thread

    3. ridge on screw: the continuous helical ridge on a screw or pipe

    4. very thin strip: a fine strand of solid material, trickle of liquid, or wisp of gas

    5. filament of spider's web: one of the filaments of a spider's web

    6. something connecting elements: a continuous unifying element running through a story, argument, discussion, or series of events

    7. discussion on Internet: a series of messages in an Internet discussion group forum, commenting on or replying to a previous message

    8. human life: the course of human life, believed by the ancient Greeks to be spun, measured out, and cut by the Fates

    9. mineral extract vein of ore: a thin seam of ore or coal

    參考資料: onelook and myself
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    I am a member in the string orchestra.我是弦樂隊的一員 thread線Ex.I sew up the broken sock with thread and needle.我把破的襪子用針線修補好了

    參考資料: 我自己
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