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Give an example of communication fail that you have experienced. Explain the factors that contributed to the failure. How could the communication have been improved?

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    I used to work as a sales representative in Melbourne, Australia. I needed to knock on customers' doors and explain our products. It was not an easy job since communication skill I had was not sufficient to satisfy each every customer.

    There was once I received a complain from a customer of mine saying that i was being rude, not being profeesional enough and lacked of communication skill. However, I did try my best to be seen polite and professional. After certain analisys and retraining, i found out that I had several problems in communication with different people. I then devided the problems into 3 parts; verbal, non-verbal and listening skills.

    Verbal communication comes from words I said, I chatted with the customer who made the complain on me using English.Even though the customer was an Indian, he spoke English. However, a problem occured; I used some proffesional words in my profession, which sounded to him strange, odd and uncomprehensive. He was thinking that I tried to humiliate him using words that he could not understand. There was where "rude" came from.

    We also had non-verbal communication problem. I misunderstood the meaning of shaking head. Afterwards, a friend of mine told me that shaking head in India was actually saying yes. Once again I was being not professional enough in his eyes since I was not telling him something that he wanted to know.

    I realized that I had a serious listening problem; I could not understand completely the words he said becouse of the different accent in speaking English. Therefore, I asked him to repeat some sentences. I was accused to be lacking of communication skills. (在意見欄繼續)

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    After a week since the complain was dropped on me, I returned to the customer. I made some changes and improvement to my communication skills in the mean time.

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    I realized that the most important thing in communication was to make the person understood what I was saying. It is not necessary to use difficult words; since I am not writing an essay.

    2005-12-12 10:39:06 補充:

    At most of the times, using simple words help alot in communicating with people, especially with people from different nations. I studied on some of the Indian people's cultures and learnt the differences.

    2005-12-12 10:39:20 補充:

    I then could easily understand his non-verbal communication. I spoke to some other Indian people in a pub and learnt our differences in speaking English.

    2005-12-12 10:39:25 補充:

    Once again I spoke to the Indian customer, I made him understood that the complain he made was based on misunderstanding. Eventually, he was happy to retrieve the complain he made.

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    in the mean time 是“同時“

    參考資料: myself
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    樓上的鬼眼狂刀kyo 請幫忙喔

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    in the mean time. 就是in the same time嗎?

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