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邀請客戶明年時來參觀本公司在德國的傢俱會展, 展示廳在Hall No. xxx,攤位是Stand No. xxx,攤位接洽人為某某先生/小姐


這段話要怎麼翻成英文呢?順序可以顛倒 通順就好

(ㄏㄏ..有點長ㄝ 請各位大大幫幫忙唄!!)

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    You are cordially invited to our booth in the furniture exhibition in Germany next year, our booth number is xxxx at exhibition hall xxxx. Our contact person at the booth will be Mr/Ms xxxx.

    We look forward to meet with you in our booth.

    Sincerely yours,

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    Invite the next year of customer to visit the furniture of our company at Germany the meeting the exhibition, display the hall in the Hall No. Xxx, the booth is a Stand No. Xxx, the booth contacts the artificial and so-and-so Sir/young lady

    Enclose with to invite the cartoon to know only, not of the week forgives please