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幫我翻譯一下!! 食譜的作法~




3.平底鍋(Frying Pan)倒入沙拉油潤鍋後加入奶油,放入圓形模型,加入以拌好的洋芋(作法2),用邊煎邊壓的方式,壓成扁餅(約2公分厚),用中火煎約5分鐘,鬆開模型,翻面在煎約5分鐘,煎至兩面呈金黃色、香脆即可。


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    1.The potato area cover is cleaned, with is it add to poach to hot, is it wait for cool to skin salt to have. 2.Cut a thin man or silk form after cooling, flavour with salt and pepper powder. 3.Pan (Frying Pan) Add the cream after pouring the glossy pan of salad into, put the round model, add it in order to mix the good potato (way of doing things 2) ,By means of pressing while frying, press into a flat cake (about 2 centimeters thick) ,Fry for about 5 minutes by hitting fire, unclamp models, look through the surface to fry for about 5 minutes, it is golden yellow, fragrant and fragile to fry to the two sides. 4.By means of having a facelift, put the frozen storehouse into after having a facelift potato spherical, take out and fry the potato ball golden yellow with the hot oil of 180 degrees of C after freezing, spill a little salt and can flavour (potato ball must be bombed well within 2 minutes, otherwise know the universe to lose in game of the potato) .  

    參考資料: GBKI7.