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The Battersea Shield

Iron Age, 350-50 BC

Found in the River Thames at Battersea Bridge, London, England

A shield for show and sacrifice?

The Battersea shield was not made for serious warfare. It is too short to provide sensible protection. The thin metal sheet and the complicated decoration would be easily destroyed if the shield was hit by a sword or spear. Instead, it was probably made for flamboyant display. The highly polished bronze and glinting red glass would have made for a great spectacle. It was finally thrown or placed in the River Thames, where many weapons were offered as sacrifices in the Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Iron Age shields are not commonly found. Those shields excavated from Iron Age burials were made of wood, sometimes covered with leather. They have very few metal parts. The Battersea shield is not in fact a complete shield, but only the facing, a metal cover that was attached to the front of wooden shield. It is made from different parts of sheet bronze, held together with bronze rivets and enclosed in a binding strip. All the rivets are hidden by overlaps between different components where the panels and roundels were originally attached to the organic backing.

All of the decoration is concentrated in the three roundels. A high domed boss in the middle of the central roundel is over where the handle was underneath. The La Tène-style decoration is made using the repoussé technique, emphasized with engraving and stippling. The overall design is highlighted with twenty-seven framed studs of red enamel (opaque red glass) in four different sizes, the largest set at the centre of the boss.

Length: 77.7 cm

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    The Battersea Shield

    鐵器時代,350-50 BC

    在英國倫敦的Battersea Bridge下的泰晤士河找到。這盾是用來展示和防禦?這盾不是用在很強烈打鬥。它可以提供很短暫的保護。如果盾被劍或矛擊中薄的金屬和複雜的裝飾會使它容易被破壞。反而,它也許為了華麗的裝飾而做。高度光澤的青銅和發亮的紅色玻璃可以製造一個很好的展示品。它最後被丟棄或放置在泰晤士河,在銅器和鐵器時代有許多武器可提供防禦。鐵器時代的盾不常被找到。那些盾從鐵器時代的墓地中的棺木挖出來,有時被皮革蓋住。他們有非常少的金屬部份。事實上Battersea shield不是完全的金屬盾,金屬覆蓋在木盾的邊緣上。它取自於青銅片不同的部份,用青銅鉚釘來繫住和圍繞邊邊的部份。所有的鉚釘隱藏在重複和不同的構成要素之間,鑲板和小的圓形物原本就繫在生物的背上。

    所有的裝飾是集中在三個小圓形物。高的圓形凸飾是在手把下方的小圓形物的中間。La Tene-style裝飾是使用敲花工藝手法,強調板畫和點畫。所有設計最重要的部份是有4種大小27個塗有紅色顏料的釘飾,最大的裝在凸飾的中心。

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    Battersea 防禦物

    燙年齡,西元前 350-50 年

    在 Battersea 橋,倫敦的泰晤士河發現,英格蘭


    Battersea 防禦物是有益於不的嚴重戰鬥。 它是太短而無法提供有感覺的保護。 如果防禦物被一個刀劍或矛打了,瘦的金屬製的張和複雜的裝飾將會容易地被破壞。 相反的,它可能被有益於輝耀的展覽。 高度擦亮的青銅而且閃耀紅色的玻璃會有益於一個大師

    參考資料: 查ㄉ
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