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英文高手請幫我翻譯不 請不要用翻譯器還有文法要注意一下 贈

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以下的英文是之前別的大大幫我番的 可是有ㄍ老外說不對 但他看不懂中文 不會幫我改 請各位幫幫我 拜託

Strong in the change constantly of protecting the system in recent years, government hygiene policy change, cure the disease relation run high continuously, consumer consciousness look up, medical ecology in a greatly reduced state compared with what it used to be industry that make, and after incident of infecting in the SARS courtyard, medical management floats and issues the surface further; Because narrow people are thick in our country, the people's special seeking medical advice and is used to, cause the medium and small-scale hospital marginalization, face the crisis that goes bankrupt . The hospital channels into the hottest balance scorecard management style at present of business administration circle in order to survive with developing continuously forever, hope to manage with the method of the tactics type. The idea of modern business administration is no longer only the assessment of the general financial performance, but regard enterprise's whole development, reform, coming to transform the strategy in pluralism of innovation as the practical action, in order to improve competition advantage, balance scorecard with wish the scene, mission mainly by this, it is the centre, develop four literary composition surfaces, regard whole enterprise's interests as the goal, develop the reform together.



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    In recent years, the environment of medical industry becomes worse than before, due to various reason such as the repeated changes of the health insurance system, the change of government's hygiene policy, the straining of doctor-patient relationship, and the rising of consumer consciousness. The hospital management becomes more important, especially after the internal infection issue during the SARS epidemic. As we are a small country and due to the patients' preferences, the small-medium sized hospitals are marginalized and at the brink of bankruptcy. In order to survive and further develop, the hospital industry needs to import the balanced scorecard which are widely used in the business management, with the hope to operate with a strategy.

    The concept of the modern business management no longer concentrates only on the financial side, it is now focusing on the overall development, innovation, and creation of a business, and transform the strategy into action, to improve the business' competitive edge. The balanced scorecard uses vision and mission as its core, to develop into four pillars, and to enhance the business' ability to protect its interest, thus to further develop and improve.