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Beyond the Myths of the “Normal” Family

Views of normality and health are socially constructed, influencing clinical assessment and goals for healthy family functioning(Walsh,1993). The vision of a so-called “normal” family is largely in the eye of the beholder, filtered by professional values, personal family experience, and cultural standards. Two myths of the “normal” family have perpetuated a grim view of most families.

One myth is the belief that healthy families are problem-free. Based in the medical model, health has been defined clinically as the absence of problems. Unfortunately, this leaves us in the dark about positive contributions to healthy functioning. More seriously, it leads to the faulty assumption that any problem is symptomatic of and caused by a dysfunctional family. This belief has tended to pathologize ordinary families attempting to cope with the stresses and disruptive changes that are part of life (Minuchin, 1974). No family is problem-free. Slings and arrows of misfortune strike us all, in varying ways and times over each family’s life course. What distinguishes healthy families is not the absence of problems, but rather their coping and problem-solving abilities.

A second myth is the belief that the idealized “traditional family” is the only possible model for a healthy family. For most, this conjures up the 1950s image of a white, affluent, nuclear family headed by a breadwinner/father and supported by a full-time homemaker/mother. Early theory and research in the social sciences and psychiatry, seeking to devine the “normal” family in …………

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    超過 " 常態 " 的神話家庭

    常態和健康的視野在社會上被構造,為健康的家庭運作影響臨床的評估和目標。(Walsh,1993) 所謂的 " 常態 " 家庭的視野主要地是以觀看者的觀點而論,被專業價值,個人的家庭經驗和文化的標準過濾。 " 常態 " 的二個神話家庭已經使永存大多數家庭的冷酷視野。

    一個神話是健康的家庭是無問題的信念。 建立在醫學的模型中,健康已經被臨床地定義如缺少問題。 不幸地,這關於對健康的運作積極的貢獻在黑暗中離開我們。 更嚴重,它導致任何的問題是具有徵候的錯誤的假定而且被一個 dysfunctional 家庭引起。 這信念已經傾向於 pathologize 平常的家庭嘗試應付壓力和迅裂改變以是標準 。

    一個第二個神話是被理想化的 " 傳統的家庭 " 是一個健康的家庭唯一的可能模型的信念。 對於大部分,這想出白色的﹐豐富的 1950 年代影像,小家庭被一個負擔家計的人/父親帶領而且被一個全部時間的主婦/母親支持。 社會科學和精神病學的早的理論和研究,尋求到 devine" 常態 " 家庭在…………

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