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1人15句的英文對話 大家幫忙想一下



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    Door bell rings, {ding-dong}Lily and Joe:  Surprise!Alice:  Oh my gosh, it's Lily and Joe.Lily:  (hugs) Are you surprised?Alice:  What are you doing here?  You are suppose to be in America.Kevin:  Alice, who is at the door?Alice:  It's Lily and Joe.Kevin:  Who?  (walking to the door) We don't know of any Lily and Joe here in Taipei.  Only the Lily and Joe in America.Lily: Hi Kevin!Joe:  Are you going to invite us in?Alice:  Oh yes, silly me.Kevin:  Hey!  Good to see you.  Lily:  We have lots of vacation days so we took 2 weeks off work and decided to come visit you guys.Joe:  Yes, I heard lots about Taiwan.  Alice:  That's wonderful.  I have a guest room upstairs so you don't need to stay at a hotel.Joe:  That's okay, I booked The Grand Hotel.Kevin:  None sense!  We have a very nice room upstairs.  Go cancell the hotel and save that money for night markets and shopping.Lily:  What?  Shopping?  I heard a lot about the night markets here.  Alice:  Yes, you can get really good stuff at the night market for very cheap price.  Kevin:  And the food there are delicious!  You must try stinky tofu.Joe:  Stinky Tofu?  That doesn't sound good at all.  I think I will pass on that.Kevin:  You can't pass on that.  It's the national food for Taiwan.  如果不夠,剩下的自己接吧

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