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有英文要中翻英,謝謝 急








General manager:你好。


General manager:沒問題,Roy你要不要和一起打工,我可以幫你安排一個容易的工作。





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    Roy takes Mark to see his uncle after leaving school

    Mike: Oh is really senior here, I can really work as a temporary labourer here

    Roy: Yes, the environment here is very good

    Roy: Let's go to flat VIP ,etc..

    Roy: Pure pure this is the friend who I mentioned to you in the telephone, Mark

    Mark: Uncle how do you do

    General manager: How do you do.

    Roy: He wants to work as a temporary labourer, so please arrange give a good job to him.

    General manager: No problem, whether you want and work as a temporary labourer Roy, I can help you to arrange an easy job .

    Roy: It is unnecessary I very much busy school recently, and I want to accompany more girlfriends, thank uncle for uncle's good intentions

    Roy: I want Mark to accompany my girlfriend first, my uncle will help you to arrange work.

    Mark: In order to

    Roy: I have a thing to leave first , visit, that uncle ,bye

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    Roy brought Mark to meet his uncle after school.

    Mike:哇~這裡真是高級,我真的能在這裡打工嗎 Wow, this is so high-class, can I really work here?

    Roy:Yes,這裡環境很棒吧 Yes, this is a wonderful place.

    Roy:我們去VIP室等吧。 Let's wait in the VIP room.

    Roy:淑淑這就是我在電話中向你提到的朋友,Mark. Uncle, this is the friend that I've mentioned to you in the phone, Mark.

    Mark:叔叔你好 Hi Uncle, how do you do?

    General manager:你好。How do you do.

    Roy:他想要打工,所以請你安排一個好的工作給他。He would like to work part-time, please help to arrange a nice job for him.

    General manager:沒問題,Roy你要不要和一起打工,我可以幫你安排一個容易的工作。No problem, Roy, would you like to work as well? I can arrange an easy job for you.

    Roy:不用了我最近學校很忙,而且我要多陪女朋友,謝謝叔叔的好意 No it's okay, I am quite tied up with school work recently, and I have to spend more time with my girlfriend, thanks for that anyway.

    Roy:Mark我要先去陪我女朋友,我叔叔會幫你安排工作。Mark, I need to go to my girlfriend, my uncle will arrange the job for you.

    Mark:好 okay.

    Roy:那叔叔我有事要先離開了,拜 I will make a move first, uncle, bye.

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