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請協助提供有關環保及能源危機的英文文章或資料(有中譯更佳)*托福閱讀內容* !! 拜託了 !!

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    Methods of Protecting Our Nature

    The report shows that the number of people destroying our environment has been increasing recently. In my opinion, the reason why our nature is destroyed is money. In current society, people think that money is everything, even if they have to destroy the environment and natural resources. But the worst is that they take it for granted. On the other hand, the Government will restrict those dishonest people from chopping trees and killing rare animals.

    We can also establish some nature reserves. Due to the advance in technology, some comicals pollute rivers and many natural recourses. Established nature reserves can not only prolong some precious animals’ lives but also prevent our nature from getting seriously polluted.

    Recycling things that are still available is another method to improve our environment. Things such as glasses, papers, and metals can recycle and reuse again. We can decrease some junks and trashes by doing that. Therefore, we don’t need to use too much land or space to dump garbage.

    I’m sure that if we do those things thoroughly, our live will become more comfortable.

    http://english.epochtimes.com/news/4-3-2/20210.htm... ←這個網站也可以看一看喔~

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    Sure, Thanks again.