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我今天晚上就趕出來~~麻煩大家多多幫 忙...謝謝^0^



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    Recently section of days, because appears the humanity from the domesticated fowl infection disease fatally, compares with "SARS", birds and beasts flu to humanity's threat actually bigger, because the humanity at present cannot effectively prevent and control the birds and beasts flu, moreover the birds and beasts flu virus has the variation, and has "the person teaches other people" the danger and the possibility not only exists, moreover is quite big.According to the above these three reports, the Chinese that side already some people the case which died because of the infection birds and beasts flu, but before several weeks, Taiwan also confirmed had a young boy to encounter the birds and beasts flu the infection, the person infects the birds and beasts flu the case 11 appearances, caused each country to construct the Kang unit and the people all worried very much, the Southeast Asia area was in particular more serious.Certainly, said to each country that, this is a significant threat, takes China to say, its place general adds on the large population, once erupts the high prevalence speech, that result will be inconceivable.In other various countries thought also is same, everybody is in the prevention birds and beasts flu in the security, the very close attention people's state of health, also is strictly guards regarding the external tourist, feared the birds and beasts flu can enter own along with the external passenger country.In Taiwan, I thought present everybody most worries is erupts the birds and beasts flu unpopularity, because Taiwan place narrow and small dense population, once erupts the popular that potential to will certainly to create the heavy multi- population the death, that may really be a big concealed worry.

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    Recently, the appearance of bird flu causes people to die. Compared to SARS, the threat from the bird flu is even in fact much bigger. Beecause people haven't found out a way to prevent bird flu, besides the bird flu bacteria changes, and the posibilty of [people passing on to people] does not only exist but in fact the possiblity is high. According to three reports above, in China, people has died because of bird flu. Just a few weeks ago, Taiwan has proven a little boy has infected bird flu. As the cases of people infected by bird flu appears one by one, it makes every country's health unit and people to woory. Especially the southeast Asia which is even worse. Naturally, to every country, it is a big threat. Let's take China for example, the land is huge and the population is big as well, if bird flu becomes a trend then the result will be unimaginable. It'll be the same in other countries, every one takes measure from bird flu, and take close care of their health status, the tourism as well, for they are afraid that bird flu will come with the tourists into their country. In Taiwan, I think every one is most concerned about the trend of bird flu, for Taiwan has a small land and high density for the population. Once bird flu becomes a trend. it will definitely cause lots of people to die, that is really a problem to be concerned of.

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