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何謂general theories of law?


general theories of law以及general theories about law


(可以的話 , 請詳解...)

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    是英文上文法的不同而已general theories of law 是法律的基本理論可以將法律上的理論分類為下1. Analytic Jurisprudence         a. Natural Law Theory         b. Legal Positivism                 i. The Conventionality Thesis                 ii. The Social Fact Thesis                 iii. The Separability Thesis         c. Ronald Dworkin's Third Theory 2. Normative Jurisprudence         a. Freedom and the Limits of Legitimate Law                 i. Legal Moralism                 ii. Legal Paternalism                 iii. The Offense Principle         b. The Obligation to Obey Law         c. The Justification of Punishment 3. Critical Theories of Law         a. Legal Realism         b. Critical Legal Studies         c. Law and Economics         d. Outsider Jurisprudence general theories about law 是關於法律的基本理論

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    law 不一定是指法律,可以是真相:

    a law is truth whereas a theory is mere speculation

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    冰封玫瑰...強喔 ^_^