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{What are you doing? You look like so nervous.}


{I am writing my handout .Have you finished it?}


{Of course, I finished. (XXXXX)}


{Ya, you got it. I haven’t. (XXXXX) }


{What?God bless you .I hope @@@ would not finds.否則 she will eat you. .you can imagine that scenery.}


{ (XXXXXX)You Know I really afraid angry @@@ }


{ I think you are not the only. In my opinion, everybody in our class have the same felling.(XXX) }


{OKOK, I will try to do my best.}


{I think you didn’t work as hard as the early session}


{Maybe, many things had happened in this session, and they occupy a lot of my energy. Moreover, my English is still poor; I think this course is too hard.}


{What aspects make you nervous? Is English structure? }



{No ,IN @@@’s 名言 『English structure is nothing just SVO.』 I think my vocabulary and listen is not enough. The last thing is I didn’t do my best. }


{I think I continue to work hard. English structure can’t frustrate me ,moreover I can read my English paper more clearly, I can tell my team member how to analyze But I always failed in preparation , writing, and dialogue.}



{Why? I think this is very interesting and increase enjoyment in the class. I think I will fall asleep if the class only has teaching.}


{In my mind, preparing for the speech need to spent many time, I always afraid to forget the content. I always 失眠.}



{Oh, listening the speech which is about the personal experience is so interesting. Teacher Joyce very enjoy in the Dialogue. This part of the class gives us much fun, don’t you agree.}

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{Yes, I agree. I have the very different felling about Joyce. I fell @@@ is so serious in the freshman class, but now this class is more fun.}

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{I have the same felling. Teacher like teaching grammar than fresher man}

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{I want to appreciate at our classmate. Such as beautiful voice @@@ and @@@,she gave us the delicious cake. They increase the fun in our class.}

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{I think I have to thank @@@and @@@, It is impossible to forget the wonderful happy birthday party. I have never imagined that I can get so much fun from this class.}

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{Teacher share her life experience and love story ,and @@@的discussion, that was the part of this class I like most.}

J: Yet,如果作業再少一點可能會更棒喔。


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L:This course suit those who have more leisure time so it fit the senior.

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{This was just one of the requirements to take this class. Reading hard and good listening is other requirement. I don’t have those requirements, so I study so hard.

If I don’t change my attitude, I will be failed.}

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    L: What are you doing? You seem pretty busy.

    J: I am writing my grammar homework. Have you finished it yet?

    L: I surely have finished that already. And you did not?

    J: You are right. I haven’t started it yet, because I was working on another written report.

    L: My gosh. I hope XX won’t find out that you haven’t started doing the homework, otherwise, she will eat you alive.

    J: Don’t say that, you know I am really afraid of her being angry.

    L: Come on, you are not the only one. As far I know, everybody in our class feels the same way.

    J: Alright, I will try to finish my homework in time.

    L: I don’t think that you currently are working as hard as the beginning of the semester.

    J:Maybe, many things had happened to me in this semester, which took away of my full attention to the courses. My English is still not good. I am having some difficulties in learning English.

    L: Is the English structure one of the difficulties you are having?

    J: No, just like XX’s statement, “the English structure is nothing but SVO.” My vocabulary and listening comprehension in English are not good. I guess I didn’t try enough. I wish I were taking this course in last semester. Back then, I was working harder although I was busier.

    L: I study hard in English, so the English structure is never a problem to me. Besides, I read my English papers more carefully, and I tell my team members how to analyze each question. But I always fail in the writings and the conversations.

    J: Why is that? I think those actually make the course more interesting and entertaining. I will definitely fall asleep if without those sections in the class.

    L: In my opinion, it takes some time to prepare for a speech. I am afraid that I’ll forget the lines, so I usually can’t sleep well at the night before going to the podium for the speech.

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    L: What are you doing? It seems you are very busy.J: I am writing my grammar homework, have you finished it?L: Of course, I have finished it already. Does that mean…?J: You are right, I am writing now. Because I prepared the experiment report these days.L: What? My goodness, may god bless you. You might be annoyed by the teacher. I hope the teacher won’t discover it. Can you image that when the teacher is angry and blame to someone? It’s terrible.J: Please don’t scare me. You know I am really afraid of angry @@@L: Not only you, I think everyone in our class all scares about that.(asking the class: Are you afraid?) You see.J: OK. I will try my best to finish it.L: I found you don’t study hard as the school opened.J: Yes, because it has happened too many things in this semester, I don’t study so hard as last semester. And my English level is not good enough, I feel a little difficult to take this lesson.L: Which parts do think it’s hard? Is the grammar structure?J: No. Just as teacher often said, “the structure is not difficult, only SVO”. I just feel my listening skill and vocabulary level are not good enough, and the most important of all is not very conscientious. I really hope to take this lesson in last semester, although it was busy at that time, but at least I was very conscientious. How about you? Do you feel it’s difficult?L: No, because I always have conscientious attitude to study it, I don’t feel difficult in grammar, and I have learned many grammar structure and knowledge. I know how to read the article precisely. It helps me to read quickly for other English essays. I feel my most problems are to give a lecture and conversation. J: Why? I think that is very interesting. And I won’t feel boring, I can’t stand to have the class all the time. 字數超過限制 待續...

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    L: I think it takes a lot of time to prepare a speech or a conversation. I have to memory it all, and I am also afraid to forget it because of nervous.

    2005-12-24 05:01:23 補充:

    J: Oh, but to hear someone’s real experience is an interesting thing. Teacher Joyce enjoys the students’ conversations very much. This will make the lesson more fun. Don’t you feel we are very happy in class?

    2005-12-24 05:01:53 補充:

    L: Yes, I agree. This kind of atmosphere is totally different with when I was in grade one. Teacher @@@ taught English when I was in grade one. The atmosphere was really strict. I like the atmosphere now.

    2005-12-24 05:02:15 補充:

    J: I have the same feeling, and the teacher likes to teach grammar than English class for grade one.

    L: And we have to thank for some classmates, they make the teacher feel happy in class. Example, @@@, the one with wonderful voice and @@@ often treats coffee to the teacher.

    2005-12-24 05:02:26 補充:

    J: And @@@, and @@@, just had his(her)birthday. I can’t forget that birthday party, it was really fun. I can’t image that I can be so close with my English classmates. This English class is the one I feel most interesting.

    2005-12-24 05:02:43 補充:

    H: We both have too many same feelings. In class, the teacher will share his life experience and love story. And plus the joyful atmosphere. This is really wonderful.

    J: Yes, if the homework could be less, that would be beter.

    L: The one wants to take this lesson had better have time.

    2005-12-24 05:03:03 補充:

    J: This is only one of the conditions for the class. It must have conscientious attitude and good listening ability to take this lesson. Or it will be very hard just like me. It seems, if I continuously don’t have conscientious attitude to study, I won’t pass this lesson.

    2005-12-24 05:03:18 補充:

    L: You had better to finish your homework as soon as possible. If the teacher is angry, you should fail it.

    2005-12-24 05:04:05 補充:



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