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題目是 System Education in Taiwan

我的題目是 System Education in Taiwan

總共分三段 introduction/body/conclusion 不知要從何寫起吶?

還要一篇 10個問題的worksheet

這次真的超難的啦! 請各位高手幫個忙!




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  • naekuo
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    Education is a huge undertaking and one that is focused on the nurturing of skills and talent. In order to create a strong basis for the sustainable development of our country, our government have spent much effort formulating our education system. Our education system has been implemented to develop the full potential of individual citizens and to increase the overall qualities of their citizens.

    The current education system in Taiwan is comprised of the following components: basic education, intermediate education, advanced education and returning education. Basic education includes kindergartens, national primary and national middle schools. Intermediate education includes vocational schools and senior high schools. Advanced education includes junior colleges, universities and graduate schools. Returning education refers to schools for continuing education and supplementary schools.

    The present education structure supports 22 years of formal study. Completion times are flexible, depending upon the needs of the students. Normally, the entire process requires 2 years of preschool education, 6 years of primary school, 3 years of junior high, 3 years of senior high school, 4-7 years of college or university, 1-4 years of a graduate school program, and 2-7 years of a doctoral degree program.

    .....很抱歉!回答內容限 2000 個字之內....

    In conclusion, education system in Taiwan is the foundation of our nation. It is also the prime force supporting our nation's development and progress. Taiwan is a country short of natural resources. However, through careful planning, we are able to create an optimum education system to cultivate Taiwanese citizens for the era of knowledge-based economy.

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