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    薩奇 financial inspector general Martin • rope Lear departed in

    1986, organized the WPP group, in 1987 annexed the wisdom • prestige

    • soup to abdicate the advertisement company, established with it

    competition management company network. In 1995, 薩奇 company's

    managers stood up against two brothers' excessively expenditures, and

    pursued two people from this several dozens hundred million US dollar

    holding companies. 薩奇 brothers established the M&C 薩奇 company

    immediately in London. 薩奇 brothers the company preserves down

    time, the WPP group develops into is situated the first three holding



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  • 1 0 年前

    Strange Financial Controller Martin Sa asks for Lille and leaves away 1986, has established WPP group, annexed the modest advertising agency of majestic soup intelligently in 1987, set up a competing network of business company. 1995, the managers of the Sa 's stand up to object to two brothers' excessive cost, and expel two people from the holding company of billions of dollars. Strange two brothers Sa immediately found M&C the Sa 's in London. When the Sa 's retains , WPP group develops into the holding company which occupies the top three.

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