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January, which derives its name from Janus, the Roman god of Beginnings, endings, openings and closings, appropriately symbolizes the theme of leaving the old for the new. When we see the old year out and noisily welcome the new one, we are following the ancient tradition of burying the past and frightening away demons that might threaten the future. The modern reveler who blows toy horns and turns on the factory siren is erasing past mistakes or failures with a noisy final gesture. And when he hurls confetti to the winds, whistles and shouts, he is showing his joyous expectancy for the new year. Father Time, always shown as a very old man with a long white beard carrying a scythe, is ceremoniously ushered out, and the round fat cherub, symbolizing the new year redolent with hope, is welcomed amid wild cheers. Whether the New Year's Eve party is in a luxurious hotel ballroom or in a modest home, it will be gay, noisy and glittery. The music will be loud and carefree, and there will be bright colors, festive foods, and high good spirits to make this last night of the year one of fun and frivolity. At celebrations in restaurants, clubs and shipboard salons, guests are given silly paper hats and noisemakers and as the evening goes on no one remains a stranger. At midnight everyone joins hands and sings, "We'll take a cup of kindness yet, for Auld Lang Syne."

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    1月 、從傑納斯得到它的名字 、開始的羅馬神 、結束 、開始和關閉 、恰當體現為新留下老的主題。  當我們待老的年完並且大聲地歡迎新的時 、我們正遵循可以威脅將來的古老的忘卻舊事和嚇跑妖魔的道統。  吹玩具角並且取決於工廠的現代reveler 汽笛正用一個嘈雜的最後的手勢擦掉過去錯誤或者失敗。  並且他對風用力投擲糖果 、吹口哨並且大叫 、他新年表現他的充滿快樂的期望。  時光老人 、總是顯示為有帶一把大鐮刀的一把長的白色的胡子的一個老人 、在外被儀式隆重引導 、以及回合肥胖的天真可愛的兒童 、體現新年由於希望芬芳 、被在狂熱的歡呼中歡迎。  是否除夕聚會或者在一個適度的家裡在一個豪華的飯店舞廳 、將是同性戀者 、嘈雜和glittery。  音樂將是吵人和輕鬆愉快的 、並且將有鮮豔的色彩 、節日的食品 、以及年的昨晚做這的高的好情緒開心和輕佻之一。  在在餐廳裡的慶祝 、俱樂部和舷側沙龍 、客人被給傻的紙帽子和噪聲源,當晚上戴得上時,沒有人保持一個陌生人。  在午夜每人手拉手並且唱歌 、"我們將拿一杯好心 、面向奧爾德語言Syne。 "" 

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