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yoyoya7 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 0 年前



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  • 2 0 年前

    My favorite pastimes are painting and stamp collecting.

    Painting is my second life, and it is also the common interest of my family. Whenever I feel moody or bored, I will just pick up my paint brush and let it do the talking. I picked up painting because of my father. I remembered during the last summer vacation he took I and my brothers to the sea bank in Wang Gong for portraiting. We had a competition then to see who was the best. My father won, altough my older brother didn't do badly either. I also fondly remembered that I would go to library and borrow a lot of books about Vincent Van Gogh as soon as the summer holiday started, and that I would bury myself in the world of Van Gogh and painting for the whole summer.

    Being my second favorite pastime, stamp collecting has been good for developing my patience. Everytime I found a new stamp I felt the thrill that cannot be expressed in words. Also, it brought me a lot of enjoyment when I exchange stamps with other people.

    These are my favorite pastimes, thank you!

  • 2 0 年前

    Drawing the water color and collect stamp is my interests.Painting is I the second life, is also the person's common interest of our whole family, whenever I am in a bad humor or boredom, the total meeting wants to picked up the paintbrush, thoroughly exertive and some kind of, my willing be in love with the water color is because of my daddy's relation.While still remembering the summer vacation of the last year, father drives to bring me to go to WANG2 GONG's sea 堤 to sketch up with the elder brother,younger brother, we compete to see who the painting is most beautiful, the result was father to win, but the elder brother also draws of very good.While still recording the summer vacation, I for satisfying own curiosity, goes to the library to borrow a lot of concerning Van Gogh of book, a the whole summer vacation almost cans not get away from the relation with Van Gogh,water color.The second of interest is to collect postal stamps, can develop my patience because of the collect stamp, and whenever I collect the postage stamp for heart always have the unspeakable joy, exchange the postage stamp with other people the hour also very interesting.Is my personal interest above, thanks!

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