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    First section: In the world no matter any place, the pipeline is not broad. So long as has the automobile and the locomotive can have the traffic accident to occur. But the locomotive occurs the traffic accident are most, but we have the means not to let these accidents occur? The answer is impossible, otherwise was not called accidental us only to be able to reduce the accident to occur; Are the locomotive traffic accident why most, because everybody has only violated three most serious issue, first is overspeed, second does not defend the stipulation, third is not wholly absorbed. On because this 3. therefore the locomotive often is most often has the traffic accident. Second section: Overspeed is inside all accidents most often occurs also is most serious, most often has the reason which the accident dies. Although everybody knows the locomotive to be able because the speed too quickly cannot stop down has the accident. But everybody in order to catch up with the time therefore rather take risks. Third section: Has very many people all is because does not defend the stipulation to let the person pursue hits; Why does that many person meet does not defend the stipulation. Only because the government subscribes the stipulation goes to extremes lightly, causes everybody to think does not matter. Fourth section: Not wholly absorbed not careful can let the knight and the passer-by responded without enough time causes the damage, if the discrimination and the passers-by all understood was the time careful attention which walked like this can lose very many nonessential be accidental at the wonderful traffic accident. Fifth section: Although the simple three questions to everybody said very is all easy to be able to achieve, but is because everybody only thought the feeling time has neglected the security. If everybody all can many careful many attentions observe the stipulation and not overspeed, then may reduce the accident, reduces the injury.

    參考資料: 網路翻譯~
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    The first section: No matter any place in the world, how broad the way is. If there are automobiles and motorcycles, there will have traffic accidents. And it happens the most on motorcyclists, but can we stop these accidents to happen again? The answer is impossible, or this is not calling "accident", what we can do is only to reduce acccidents occurrence ; Why traffic accidents happens the most on motorcyclists? Only because everybody has made three most serious mistakes, firstly, overspeed, secondly not obey the order, thirdly, absent minded. And because of these three points, traffic accident often happens on motorcyclists.




    我再繼續翻下去 (因為還是有人比較喜歡翻譯網站翻的 Orz)

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