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Eric 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

英文話劇8~10分鐘5個人 急需除了20點本人多貼20點

英文話劇8~10分鐘5個人 急需除了20點本人多貼20點

用以下單字來編劇 Do thungs yourself . Buy things used .Use coupons

shop at .outdoor markets.Buythings on sale .Rent DVD full-price.fashionable.afford.fix.geocery store.firework.cone.dozen.tram.

a subway rude .a CD .a movie ticket.a cup of coffee .a haircut .a dozen roses .a newspaper. an ice-creamcone.Internet. access.a video rental .demon soil .cheesecake .grilled fish.yogurt smoothie.tomato soup.tiramisu .potato salad.nachos.iced coffee.spaghetti restaurant.curry and nowl pour host hostess stew mint fin beetroot raw fish gado sushi moussaka curry steak and kidney pie burrito fondue borscht kimchi garliuc American French Indian Korean Thai Brazilian German Italian Mexican Turkish chinese Greek Japanese Spanish Vietnamese Shark alligator Britain RAW fish carrot radish sprout beetroot 就這些了 如果選出最好的 我會E-MAIL通知 另外發問除了這次的20宰再給給予20點


多多少少用到上面單字 並非要全部都用到 求助會英文的大大們

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  • 1 0 年前

    A: Morning All

    B: Morning

    C: What’s happening?

    D: Morning

    E: What do you got there?

    A: Oh just stuff I plan to fix up my house with

    B: Where did get those? It looks kind of used?

    A: got it at the Flea Market, over by Orange Park.

    C: Screwdriver too?

    A: yea it was only $1.00, it was on sale

    C: wow great deal!!

    E: Hey how do you get to Orange Park, I heard it is a great area for shopping, very affordable and fashionable district.

    B: Yea, I do all my grocery shipping at that area too.

    D: really, hmmm... I need to go to grocery store too, Look at this list my Girlfriend given me.

    E: A DOZEN ROSES!! There is going to be firework tonight!!

    D: no it is not what you think, we took a tram ride yesterday, and she was complaining to me how the on the subway some guy was rude to her, and I told her “common with you look, of course” she didn’t like the tone of it, so that is what the Rose is for.

    C: you should buy a CD of romantic song to say sorry.

    B: No, you should get some girlie movie tickets, and take her to French or Italian place for dinner.

    A: No, cook for her, start off with a nice tomato soup, with a little hearts draw in it, then grilled fish, a potato salad with little heart-shape carrots, then finish it off with Cheesecake and iced coffee. After dinner you could rent a video, scary one, like that movie called “demon soil”, she will be all over you.

    E: that sounds sweet, but I would change the cheesecake to tiramisu, for added effects.

    C: that is too much work, just do the fondue. Couple of chocolate and cheese melted with pieces of bread and fruits, you are done.

    A: I hate to be your girlfriend, you probably won’t even get a cup of coffee for her, right?

    C: oh come on, I cook, spaghetti for her, take her out to the school cafeteria and Carl’s Jr for Lunch.

    A: WOW CARL’S JR.THE FAST-FOOD PLACE, you are a big spender!!

    D: ok, ok, you two stop it.

    E: hey let’s all go to Orange park, I need to get a haircut, and have a bite to eat there.

    - to be cont. via email

    參考資料: rest be email in 2 email
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